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25/Sep/2013: LeishMicrosat realesd online

28/Dec/2013 : distribution of SSR on chromosome plot visualization

2/Jan/2014 : Documentation updation

28/feb/2014 : download link for Simple repeat search

14/Aug/2014 : LeishMicrosatDB published online [PMID: 25125444]

About LeishMicrosatDB:

Our main objective behind creating LeishMicrosatDB is to collect, organize and analyze genomic sequence repeats from various Leishmania species. Using insillico techniques we mined various types of Simple Sequence Repeats (SSR) from all genomic sequences. Comparative genomics approach is used to predict all possible polymorphic SSR loci.

List of parasites:

Sl No. Parasite name Strain
1 Leishmania donovani MHOM/NP/2003/BPK282A1
2 Leishmania infantum MCAN/ES/98/LLM-724/JPCM5
3 Leishmania braziliensis MHOM/BR/75/M2904
4 Leishmania major MHOM/IL/1980/Friedlin
5 Leishmania tarentolae Parrot-TarII
6 Leishmania mexicana MHOM/GT/2001/U1103

Micosatellite repeats distribution among differernt Leishmania species: